Here goes….

More Books, More Crafts, More Decorating, More Miscellaneous
“And so we turn the page over
To think of starting. This is all there is.”  John Ashbery
My first post. My first blog. I’m not quite sure where this is going to lead, but I believe I’ll discover the path one post at time. What do I envision? “More Life” will be a digital diary of the creative side of my world. Here I will document the many ways I use creativity for myself and for others. For me, creativity is an outlet and a means of connection. I love to crochet, design, re-purpose, collect, thrift and all things artsy-craftsy. I’m looking forward to being able to see, via this online format, a chronicle of my creativity.  Ultimately, I hope to focus on the way books and reading play such an important role in my life and the lives of the creative women I know.  Perhaps others will join me in celebrating what gives them “More Life.”

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