Clownin’ Around!

More Crafts, More Miscellaneous

“Dare to wear the foolish clown face.”           Frank Sinatra

My college roommate and I have stayed close for the past 20-some years, and after marriages, children, and all sorts of life-experiences together, she is getting ready to turn the big 4-0.  She epitomizes the phrase “forty and fabulous.”  One thing that she has always loved is clowns.  Some people hate them, but she used to dress up as a clown to entertain children in hospitals, and the interest became a collection.  I used to always look for cute clowns in second-hand stores and antique shops.  Last summer I found this great antique clown cookie jar in a dusty little shop in my home town of Libby, Montana.  However, someone and painted it with a hideous gold paint.  I though, “I’ll just strip the paint, and it will be fit for display.”  Well, the paint removal became a huge task.  I thought it would scrape right off, but I didn’t want to scratch the ceramic, nor did I want to remove the shiny glaze.  I finally found a trick on e-how (  I had to go to my local health food store to find the whiting material, and it required several applications, but I finally got the paint off.  I love the way it turned out, there are some flaws that show its age, but give it character.  I guess you could say the same for us 40-somethings!!

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