Buckle Up!

More Crafts, More Miscellaneous, More Treasures

Collecting has been my great extravagance. It’s a way of being. I collect for the same reason that I eat too much-I’m one of nature’s shoppers.   Howard Hodgkin

I was scrounging through my messy garage for some wrapping paper when I stumbled upon a box of “goodies” that I gathered from my grandmother’s attic.  Yes, I have one of “those” grandmothers.  Even though she is no longer alive, she has left us with a treasure-trove of STUFF.  Ever the pack-rat, she filled her house and attic to the brim with what many considered to be…. junk.  I, however, have a fondness for junk, and am loving the fact that she couldn’t throw anything away. I found an old coffee can full of cast-off belt-buckles.  No doubt, she was planning to do something with these.  She was one of the original recyclers.  I just thought they looked cool lying together – like a picture.  I’m brainstorming a way to display these properly.  Ideas are welcome….

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