Uff da… Lefse time!

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“In Norway, Charlie Brown says, ‘uff da!’ instead of ‘Good grief!.’ ”

My heritage is distinctly Norwegian.  My grandmother’s parents came to America from Norway, and she grew up speaking Norwegian as a little girl.  One of the main traditions we still carry on from that heritage is LEFSE!  Each holiday season, Grandma would fill her kitchen with potatoes, flour, hot pans and lots of relatives.  Lefse is a flat potato bread much like a tortilla.  We like to eat it in a number of ways…. butter and sugar, jam, honey, turkey and mayo, the possibilities are endless.  Making lefse is not a quick, easy process, but my mom, aunts, and cousins gather together each fall to make huge batches so everyone can take some home for the holidays. There’s flour everywhere, rolling, hot pans, flipping, gabbing, laughing, bonding.  What could be more fun? We are getting ready to schedule our annual fall lefse making extravaganza and I am also penciling in my calendar to attend Libby Montana’s annual Nordicfest celebration (my hometown, I’m so proud!)  There is bound to be lots of lefse there to enjoy (along with some lutefisk, but I might be too full from the lefse to eat any.)  (Technical note:  I am scheduled to take blogging class very soon from Holly Becker from Decor8 and Leslie Shewring from A Creative Mint. These lovely ladies have assured me that my photography is going to be divine! These photos were shot by someone else, and I have very high standards for the works of art that will be shown after this year’s event coming up….)

Yummy, lefse

Sorry about this picture quality. This year, I will get better shots!

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