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A beautiful book by Terry Taylor

“A dream collage is pictures of your goals. It is like your future photo album.” Bo Bennett

What is my dream “gig”?  It’s writing book reviews.  For magazines, blogs, books, you name it!  I want to write about fiction, non-fiction, how to, memoir… no genre is off limits. So, I grabbed a book off the shelf, and want to share it with you.

It’s not a brand new, hot-off-the-press book, but it’s a classic.  I fell in love with Terry Taylor’s Altered Art the first time I thumbed through it.  The layout is simple …. easy to take-in.  The pictures are stunning, and there is a perfect balance between images and text. “Altered art is simply the result of taking a found object and changing it in some intriguing or surprising way to make an artistic statement of your own.”

Because I’m a librarian, I was drawn to the chapter about altered books.  I am constantly stashing aside books that no longer have an audience.  It’s just too hard to throw them out, when you’ve been trained to buy and promote them!   I am dying to create a “niche.”  By carefully cutting away the center of the book, Terry shows me how I could display a three-dimensional object inside. Such a simple idea, but so, so, so, so creative!  I’m picturing a book with a travel theme, holding a small object that’s been sitting in a box in my craft room – a tin globe toy that I found in my grandmother’s “junk.”

I am drooling over the creative tag ideas.  They could be attached to gifts…. worn as jewelry…. hung as artwork.  I am dreaming of ways to use old photographs that have been hidden away.  The shoebox of old postcards I inherited from my grandmother?  Oh there are so many things they could become.

Find a copy of this beautiful book and add it to your collection.  You will be inspired.

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