My Sheldon Rose

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“All my life I’ve looked at words as though I were seeing them for the first time.”         — Ernest Hemingway

I was poking around in one of my favorite consignment/antique shops in Bigfork, MT, when I saw……THIS.  My Sheldon Rose.  It’s huge, it’s amazing, it weighs a ton, and I had to have it.  This is a large piece of art made of typography letters arranged in this cool shape. IMG-0658

I chatted with the seller, and she said that she was selling it for her aunt, who was elderly, but had purchased it with her husband when they were young and living in Seattle.  Apparently it was a gallery purchase, and she was always particularly fond of it, but now had to downsize to move.   I found some auctions sites who have a few of his other pieces for sale.  They’re quite pricy, so I’m thinking that I got a fair deal on my piece.  If anyone knows anything about this artist, please fill me in.  Whatever the case, I get happy every time I look at this above my couch.  It’s full of letters, my favorite thing, because letters make words, and words make stories, and what could be better than that?!

11 thoughts on “My Sheldon Rose

  1. There was a question about the alphasculpt artist, Sheldon Rose. Some info (he was my cousin): Sheldon was from Queens, NY and a graduate of Cooper Union. Kind of an interesting guy and very talented. Quite well known from the late-1960’s into the 1970’s. He always had a “rose” inserted into his pieces or inscribed his name on the back of a piece. Hope this helps.

  2. I have the exact same piece and recently found out who made it. That’s basically how I made it here. Had no idea his name was right on the front of the piece!

  3. I just this morning purchased this same piece. I bought it at an estate sale out of the home of a typesetter. There were trays upon trays of typesetting materials. This adorned the wall of his paneled den. He certainly prized it, and now I do as well.

    Debra, Thank you for sharing about your father. That was kind of you to comment. His work lives on for me.

  4. Hi everyone, i’m currently writing my university dissertation on the history and practice of letterpress.
    I came across Mr Rose’s work in a book about old 19th century american woodblock type and after some pretty deep google searching I also couldn’t find much about his back story or the history of his work.
    It did however lead me here and I thought i’d share the page from the book I found.

    It wont let me attach an image but here’s an imgur link to a scan I took (I promise its just an image link!)

    I hope you find this interesting and or helpful


    – Blaine

  5. Hi Blaine! Thanks for sharing the image link. It’s exciting to see another piece of Sheldon Rose information! Can you share the title of the publication? I might try to see if it’s available at my library. Please stop back to share any further information you might find!

  6. Kerrie,
    I also have a Sheldon Rose piece like yours–it’s really cool that the one you have is pictured in the article above. It seems some of his large sculptural pieces contain words and phrases, place names and dates that can be read backwards or in a mirror, which is how I looked at mine. Perhaps they are personal details or sometimes I wonder if it’s anti-Vietnam war messaging. I’ve only managed to find some ads for Sheldon Rose gallery shows from the 1967 and 1974 in terms of research.

  7. Hi Karen! I frequently hear from folks who also have Sheldon Rose pieces. I think we should start a “fan club!”

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