More Books, More Crafts, More Miscellaneous

(Photo credit:  http://pinkparis1233.deviantart.com/art/Books-and-Tea-128879024)

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.”          C.S. Lewis

I’ve just spent the last few days with some of the most brilliant, beautiful, creative women in the world at The Creative Connection Event.  (More detailed post to follow soon!)  I participated in a “Pitch Slam,” and I told some very smart women in publishing about my desire to write book reviews for creative publications.  My opinion is that creative people are also readers.  I think the two passions seem to go hand in hand for many.  In fact, when I told some of the women about my pitch, they chimed in, “Yes!”  I love to read. Here’s my theory…. women who are part of the creative community are just as anxious to tell me about the latest book they’ve read, as they are to tell me about their favorite recipe, or craft supply.  I think it’s a shared gene.  I think the crafty “lifestyle” publications that we’re reading from Stampington, Mary Jane’s Farm, Uppercase, Inspired Ideas, Matthew Mead etc. (See links in my sidebar) should think outside the box (here’s where I come in) and publish reviews for such genres as fiction, biography, memoir, as well as “how-to.”  I am the perfect person to write such reviews.  I am a member of the creative community.  I am passionate about books. I know the kinds of books creative women like to read. I’m a LIBRARIAN for heaven’s sake!” I want to come up with interesting collections of books to recommend around themes and topics. Food fiction?  You’ve got it.  Farming memoirs, no problem.  Biographies about artists?  Coming up!  Oh, my creative juices are flowing, and I must go.  I’ve got books to read!  WHAT WOMEN READ…. has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

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