The Art of Reading with Katie of “Gadanke”

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To be a person is to have a story to tell. —Isak Dinesen

I’m so excited to introduce you to Katie, a fellow Montana girl, whose blog “Making This Home” introduced me to her fantastic line of writing prompt journals that I know you will fall in love with! They’re creative; they’re eco-friendly, and they have that handmade quality we all can appreciate. Katie has the most fascinating story which includes:  falling in love with a man from Germany, creating a unique dwelling in the loveliness of Montana, and a lesson learned about the importance of saving our stories. Katie is a kindred spirit, as she is a also book lover and avid reader. I hope you enjoy Katie’s “reading story”, and then I hope you will visit her blog and shop to find out how you can preserve your stories, as well as your loved-ones’, in the most enjoyable and creative way!

Blog or website: Making This Home (blog) OR  Gadanke (shop) OR Facebook  (We chat a LOT about story!)

What creativity do you share with the world?  Howdy! I’m Katie – writer, adventurer, and storycatcher. I believe an incredible thing happens when we pause to celebrate our stories. IT GIVES US MEANING. The ordinary starts to feel downright awesome. That’s why I help people capture memories and express themselves by writing their stories in my line of eco-friendly writing prompt journals.

  • Book OR e-reader? Book
  • Buy OR lend from the library? It depends on where I’m living. It’s hard to find the books I want to read in rural American libraries or to find English books in the libraries of Berlin, Germany (my German isn’t at a read-for-leisure level).
  • Hardcover OR paperback? No preference
  • One book at a time OR several? Several. I like to have some fiction or memoirs along with nonfiction within reach.
  • Skip ahead and read the last page OR be patient and wait? I don’t like knowing how a story would end. It takes away the adventure of the character’s journey.
  • Abandon a bad book OR stick with it no matter what? You know, with remodeling an old airplane hangar into our home and growing my journal business, I haven’t had the amount of reading time I prefer. So when I get the leisure to read, I have to be picky and make sure that it’s a book I absolutely want to be with.
  • Laugh OR cry?  The best stories have a little of both.

Cover Love:  Evelyn Cameron: Montana’s Frontier Photographer by Kristi Hager

What is the next book on your stack of books to read?  Once I tried meal planning. I sat down with a cookbook and figured out all the meals we could eat over the next week. When I finished, it was time to get ready for dinner. I looked at the plan for that meal and instantly thought, “Well I don’t want to make that.”  Out the window with that plan!  It’s the same with books.  What calls me at the moment? What stories and information am I drawn to?

How do you acquire the books you read?  I used to live in a town with a really good used bookstore. I’m still working on the little stash.  Now we live near a small town with a bookstore that opened way back in the 1800s; I try to give them my money.

Do you have a book that you love so much that you re-read it periodically?  I try to look back through the journals that I have written over the years. It’s incredible the memories we forget, the passions we feel, and the moments that make life so good.

What is one of your early reading memories and why is it special?  My dad used to read to my siblings and me. He was really animated and happy. It was like hearing the drummer boy in his voice or being lost at sea with the characters. When the story was over, he’d slam the book shut with both hands.  Needless to say, his storytelling never put us to sleep!

What is your favorite place to read? I like the couch under the quilts. It’s beside my husband’s desk where he’s finishing up schoolwork late at night. We’re sort of together but still doing our own things.

Who have been your reading role models, mentors, or companions over the years? I have a cousin who always has the coolest book suggestions. She was giving me things like Wicked and The Time Traveler’s Wife far before they became so famous. I’m still baffled by her knack at finding awesome stories.

 Do you have a favorite author?  I actually really like Christopher Paolini’s work (Eragon and such). Christopher and his family have a really inspiring story, and I love how he and his character grow together through childhood to adulthood.

Have you ever read a book at exactly the right time of your life?  I was finishing up my college business degree while reading Jodi Picoult’s My Sister’s Keeper. Our professor handed us this huge assignment on business and life ethics. I dove right into it.

I am proud to say that I have actually read… The entire Bible. I went cover to cover; it took so long that when I finally finished, I didn’t know what to do anymore. It had been my breakfast companion for over a year.

Reading is important to me because….It makes you think of life in different ways, takes you to new places, and opens your heart to new ideas.  I think Gregory McGuire creates excellent examples of how we think we know exactly what happened… but then we hear the story from a different perspective that we never would have thought. Really? Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz isn’t cute and angelic?

2 thoughts on “The Art of Reading with Katie of “Gadanke”

  1. I love her little creation, I’m going to go see the full view of it now. Her book choices are great as well – thank you for sharing!

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