My Adorable Distraction

More Miscellaneous

“My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet.”  – Edith Wharton

Meet Arlo.  So, I’ve been a little distracted from my creative pursuits, and this is the reason.  It’s all his fault!

As a result, reading books, writing book reviews, dreaming up creative book club ideas (and waiting for publishers to contact me about writing articles and book reviews for their publications) have been at the back of my mind.  Right now I’m a tad sleep-deprived, but covered with wet puppy kisses.  Bliss!

2 thoughts on “My Adorable Distraction

  1. I knew you were distracted as I had not seen a post for too long! Arlo is fabulous! He must be a Toocuteforwords-oodle or a Haveyoueverseensuchasweetie-ador breed!

    Best wishes for a full night sleep, TONIGHT!

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