Baby, It’s Cold!

More Crafts, More Decorating

“You can’t get too much winter in the winter.” –Robert Frost

Well, like much of the country this winter, Montana has finally had its turn at frigid cold temperatures.  Last week was especially freezing, and most of the kids at school were crossing their fingers for a school closure.  No such luck.  After all, it’s winter, and it’s Montana.  “Bundle up, and buck up!” is the attitude of most.  When it get so cold that your nostrils freeze, and the dogs poke their noses outside and retreat, I always think of my sweet Grandma.  “Baby, it’s cold outside!” she would always say.

baby2I wanted to do a little winter decorating to cheer things up after taking down the holiday decorations. My inspiration, as well as the free chalkboard printable, came from Barb at The Everyday Home blog. Many thanks to her for her inspirational post as well as her cheerful artwork! A thrift store frame brings it all together.

Here’s to spending time in the crisp Montana outdoors and snuggling up by the  fireplace afterward.  It truly is the best of both worlds, isn’t it?

Happy Crafting and Happy Winter!


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