Bling and Baubles

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“I just want to know. Who got all the jewelry?”  –Joan Rivers


My friend and I got together over the holiday break to do some crafting.  This is a project we have been planning for over a year!  I remember seeing a jewelry Christmas tree when I was a little girl, and over the years, I have kept thinking about it.  So, I started stashing jewelry and picking up pieces at thrift stores and garage sales.  Between the two of us, we had an enormous treasure chest full of bling and baubles.  It was the ultimate trip down memory lane as I shared the story about a pair of red/pear earrings I wore to a formal dance in college.  (These ended up on her tree, and they look almost as wonderful there as they did on my lobes all those years ago!)

She donated a pair of her mother’s cast-off owl earrings to me, since she knows how much I love owls.  There is one on each of my two trees, and I love them there!

My friend’s tree completely matches her personality.  It is bright, colorful and full of so many different fun things!  She started looking for as many animal inspired pieces and they really add to the eclectic mix. I also found a pendant with the “scales of justice,” and I knew she had to use it on her tree as a nod to her late father who was a judge.  Fittingly, she used it for the base of her tree.


It’s really very simple:  Find a frame you love and use some spray adhesive to attach a piece of black velvet or other fabric to the cardboard insert.  Trim the edges.  Lay all of your jewels out in a piece of paper the same size as your frame, so you know everything will fit. Remove the backs of pins and earrings with needle-nose pliers.  I snapped a quick picture with my phone, so I could recreate my pattern when I started gluing.  This was really helpful because things start moving as you remove pieces from your template.  We used E-6000 glue to attach everything.  It is my favorite all-purpose crafting glue!  Let everything dry and enjoy your treasure.

This project was so much fun that I am imagining many more trees in my crafting future…. I want to do a diamond inspired tree…. a tree with lots of black accents…. a super pearly tree…. Oh, and maybe one that is mostly pastels… One thing I know for sure, we need to plan for more crafty afternoons in the next year.  It’s good for the soul!

Happy New Year and Happy Crafting!

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