Rusty Junk Flower Garden

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“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” –Henri Matisse


I’ve been hoarding old faucet handles for awhile now trying to come up with just the right project for them.  I attended an outdoor art festival earlier this summer, and metal flowers were everywhere!  So, I decided to finally get them out and make something fun.

My biggest dilemma was figuring out what to use for the stems.  I visited our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and started poking around in the scraps, and I hit the jackpot.  A big bucket full of rusty old concrete ties was just what I needed.  They were the right diameter and the “patina” was already there.  I picked up a big 5 gallon bucket full for $3.00.  I love that store!


I removed one of the circular discs so I could trim the lengths to various sizes.


Then, I slid the handle on to the “stem” and locked it onto my vice grip.  I used a hammer to pound the end until it flattened enough to keep the handle from sliding off.


Next, I sweet-talked my husband into tacking the handles into place with his welder.  Before he agreed to help me out, however, I had planned on gluing the flowers into place with a high-quality epoxy like Loctite.  They have a formula for metal that works for outdoor applications.  This probably would have been sufficient.


Finally, I put the flowers back into the vice, so I could bend them into random flower-like shapes.  I wanted them to have a little “movement.”


Now, I have a garden full of funky-junk flowers that don’t ever need watering!


Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of August.  Enjoy your flowers, both real and junky!

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