Mary Jane’s Farm

I wrote this essay for Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine.  It is a chronicle of the book club for which I have been a part a number of years.  This was a favorite assignment where I got to explore a topic and share it from a strictly personal level.


…We’ve lost parents, spouses and beloved pets. We’ve had babies and adopted puppies. Some have moved away, and new faces have joined us. There have been retirements and job changes. There have been illnesses, surgeries and recoveries. Weddings, showers, funerals and 40th birthday parties – we’ve mourned and celebrated. Our tale is far from over, and next month we may, or may not, talk about the book, but in the years to come, we will be getting together — talking, sharing and supporting. Through it all, I am especially thankful for the books. The classics, the “fluff” the bestsellers and the duds – they have provided the vehicle with which to turn the pages and years of our lives — together.

Read More (PDF):  MaryJanes

MaryJanesCrop (1)








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