I wrote the following article for Issue 29 of UPPERCASE Magazine.  This is  an award-winning publication from Canada edited by Janine Vangool.  For this article, I contacted several bookmark collectors and conducted extensive historical research.  I found ephemera to illustrate the article, and I also photographed a local collection.




I’ll Be Here When You Get Back

UPPERCASE Magazine: Issue 29 (Spring 2016)

…Serious collectors across the globe seek out and invest in rare and unusual bookmarks according to particular tastes. For other, such as myself, their bookmarks seem to find them through luck and circumstance. I recently purchased a novel at a used bookstore, and tucked inside its pages was a handmade bookmark colored by a child’s hand, stating, “This is Grandma’s book.” On occasion, a book I have checked out from my local library contains the prize of a marker advertising a bookstore from across the country. These “lost and found” bits of ephemera help tell the story of a particular book. I cannot help but wonder about the loving granddaughter and the occasion for her gift. I try to imagine the journey of a bookmark from so far away. So I add them to my collection, where they will be treasured and used. Perhaps most importantly, in their entirety, the bookmarks in my collection will tell my story—the places I have been and the books I have loved.

Read More (PDF): Bookmark Article


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