Haeger Pottery

This 1200 word article was written for UPPERCASE Magazine– an award-winning publication from Canada edited by Janine Vangool.  I conducted a phone interview with the president of the company, Lexy Haeger Estes, and also included quotes from avid Haeger collectors to provide a well-rounded picture of this coveted pottery.  In addition, I provided all of the photography and ephemera for illustrating this article.


Haeger:  A Great Name in American Ceramics

UPPERCASE Magazine: Issue 33 (Spring 2017)

For over a hundred years, the 250-foot kiln at Haeger Potteries in East Dundee, Illinois, transformed modest clay into exquisite designs that captured the attention and devotion of generations. Funky television lamps, elegant vases with sweeping lines, whimsical planters, stylistic animals in bold colors—their iconic pieces transport many of us back to our childhoods. Once the largest art pottery in the world, Haeger adorned our grandmothers’ fireplace mantles, our fathers’ offices and our aunts’ coffee tables—which is why admirers worldwide heaved a collective sigh when Haeger announced its closing in the spring of 2016. While it may be the end of an artistic era, Haeger’s popularity among collectors remains as strong as ever.




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