“Buttoning Up” My Christmas Gifts!

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“Each day provides its own gifts.” -Marcus Aurelius

I just whipped up a lovely necklace to give as a Christmas gift to a special friend.  My inspiration came from the amazing designs of Molly Bernier from Whimsy House.  Looking at her jewelry reminds me of being a kid in a candy store!  These antique buttons are hard to come by, so I was lucky to get one in a grab bag of buttons from the thrift store.  Score! IMG_1648This was so easy!  1.  Break off the wire attachments on the back. 2.  Use E6000 to glue on a jewelry bail (easy to find on Etsy or Ebay.) 3. Cut a ribbon or cord to length and add clasp hardware. 4.  Enjoy all of the compliments you receive!  I hope you’re finding time for handmade this holiday season!