Uppercase Issue 44: Granny Squares

Uppercase Magazine Issue 43: Sheldon Rose, Alphasculpt

Uppercase Magazine Issue 40: Promotional pencils

Uppercase Magazine Issue 36: Keeping a diary

Uppercase Magazine Issue 34: Large-letter vacation postcards

Uppercase Magazine Issue 33: Haeger Pottery

Uppercase Magazine Issue 29: The history of bookmarks

Vintage Life: the latest edition in the Uppercase Encyclopedia of Inspiration published a feature on my collection of crochet hangers which includes my photography.

My “Pieography” essay, which creatively imagines which pie most represents my life, was published in the Summer 2013 issue of Where Women Cook published by Stampington.

Folded was the theme of Uppercase Magazine Issue 29. My photography and short essay about the practice of writing notes (very popular when I was in school!) was featured in this issue.

A loving tribute to my book club (that has been supporting each other and discussing good books for over two decades now) was featured in Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine October/November 2013.

Following the prompt “What colour means to me…” I was inspired to write about learning to crochet as a young girl and my life-long affection for the retro-colored yarn I used back then.  My short essay and photography was featured. (Uppercase Magazine Issue 22)

I was the feaatured guest columnist for the January/February 2012 issue of Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Rodriguez, a talented quilter from Utah.

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